D a n c e   E x p e r i e n c e s

Level up your next festival or event!


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Flash-mob inspired dance parties for any crowd.


Using the philosophies of the world groove movement, Tyler encourages unsuspecting passers-by to join in mass impromptu dance parties... and like magic, THEY DO!

The messaging is a part of the magic:  

 ·  "You can’t get it wrong".

 ·  "Nobody cares what you look like".

 ·  "We all are different, so you SHOULD look different".

 ·  "Do it your way and Add your own style”


Tyler unites the crowd on the same simple movement then encourages them to add their own unique style and creativity.  Tyler uses a variety of pop music as well as a variety of world music.  Playlists are adapted to suit the specific flavour of your event.  Add glow-sticks and the night sky, and you've just created a glow-in-the-dark dance party!  These experiences are perfect for any crowd, of any size, of any ability - this is not just for kids.    


No dance experience required. 

No coordination required. 

AnyBODY of any ability can do it. 


a performance unlike anything you’ve seen before!